June 3, 2014

The Pressure System


Southern Chem Industries has been providing quality products and services to the petrochemical and food processing industries for many years. The words “Quality” and “Service” are very important to us; in fact, they are the very cornerstone of our organization. We realize that you have a choice in the choosing of your cleaning services provider and we make every effort to satisfy the needs of your organization and give you the service you richly deserve. Whether your needs are measured in pails, drums, or bulk, Southern Chem has the products, equiptment and “know how” to do the job right.

The Pressure System:

The pressure spraying system operates on utility air and is capable of distributing SCI customized detergent and solvent compounds evenly over large areas. Powered by the optimal equipment for your plant environment, a convenient custom system makes this an excellent piece of equipment for large problem areas.