June 3, 2014

Food Storage


A poultry storage facility in the Southeastern US with total square footage under roof of more than 100,000 sq ft (10,000 sq. mtr.)


The roof on the structure was aging and had more than 200 leaks noted during an inspection. As a result, the HVAC system could not adequately cool the building and it’s contents in a uniform manner. Because of these conditions, there were temperature variations in product storage areas that were up to 15F different from area to area of the freezer facility. There were stalactites of ice formation inside, and these were creating unsafe and unsanitary conditions as well.┬áThe facility was cited and closed by government authorities until the necessary repairs could be made.


The roof was thoroughly inspected and repairs were made to leaks. Following this, Temp Coat was installed in an average thickness of 30 mils.


The building is now quite easily able to be temperature controlled with the existing system, saving a costly replacement. The energy savings will pay for the cost of the insulation in just a few months and of course the facility is now at full operation and back to maximum revenue and profit. There are no longer any unsanitary or unsafe conditions at this plant.