June 3, 2014

FAQs for Temp-Coat Insul-All

Q: How Does TempCoat Insul-All work?

A: The insulating power is based on the millions of tiny hollow micro-spheres contained in the product. These spheres move heat at a much slower rate than it would be if there was no insulation, therefore, the heat or cold is retained or transfer prevented, depending on your application.

Q: What insulating value does TempCoat Insul-All provide?

A: A 15 mil coating will compare to a R-19 rating, which will provide the same insulation value as 4 inches of foam or 6 inches of fiberglass. For more insulation at higher temperatures for example, more layers of the product are applied.

Q: Do you have tests to prove this?

A: Many tests have been conducted with TempCoat Insul-All over the 15 years since it’s introduction. The Thermal Properties Laboratory of Purdue University, USA has provided a test result that is most conclusive about the insulating power.

Q: Where can I apply TempCoat Insul-All?

A: TempCoat Insul-All can be applied to almost any clean and dry surface where you need insulation. The only surfaces to which we do not recommend application are Teflon or silicone.

Q: What is the primary benefit of TempCoat Insul-All v. Other Insulations?

A: There are several. One is that it takes much less space to install than other insulations. A second is that by sealing the surface needing insulation, corrosion is significantly reduced or eliminated. A third primary benefit is that it is much easier to install than conventional insulation, and there are often major savings in labor.

Q: How do I apply TempCoat Insul-All?

A: The product is applied by spray application in 15-20 mil coatings. It can be sprayed with conventional airless spray equipment, or, for small jobs, our Quick Gun can be used.

Q: How long can I expect TempCoat Insul-All to last? The weather conditions in my area are pretty severe.

A: TempCoat Insul-All is not generally affected by exposure to the elements. Many jobs we have completed more than 10 years ago are still in perfect service, outdoors as well.

Q: Our steam pipes occasionally go up to over 300F. Are there limitations for this product?

A: TempCoat Insul-All can be used at operating temperatures of –80F to 250F, so this would be an application for Temp Coat 101S, which has a higher temperature operating tolerance.

Q: What is the difference between TempCoat 101S and Insul-All, and in which application would you recommend one over the other?

A: The main difference is temperature tolerance; TempCoat 101S has a higher temperature rating. Another one is application. TempCoat101S must be spray applied, whereas Temp Coat Insul-All has special polymers added that allow it to be applied with a brush or roller.

Q: Is there technical information available?

A: Please contact us for whatever you may require.

Q: Do you supply technical support?

A: We have a trained certified technical support team. If you need assistance in specifying a job, establishing a trial, or even installing the products, please call us.

Q: Is TempCoat Insul-All difficult to maintain once it is installed?

A: TempCoat Insul-All, once applied requires no additional maintenance to the surface.

Q: What is one of the best awards or approvals that TempCoat Insul-All has achieved?

A: We are proud to say that TempCoat Insul-All is an authorized Energy Star product. It has been used in thousands of consumer and commercial applications around the globe.

Still have questions? Contact us. We’ll be happy to answer.