June 3, 2014

Gas Conversion Unit


strippertowerA major Southeastern US oil refinery had a gas conversion unit (stripper tower) with external surface operating temperatures in the range of 190F to 230F


Previously installed insulation was failing resulting in operational difficulties. Moisture accumulation under this insulation was causing severe corrosion problems and damage to the metal structure. In almost 60% of the surface area, pitting corrosion was also prevalent.


After a rigorous inspection process and repairs where required a 120 mil thickness of Temp Coat was applied to the bottom third of the structure (where skin temperature was approximately 230F). This provided the necessary personal protection as well as sealing the equipment from any future corrosion problems as a result of leaking insulation. Temp Coat was also applied to the remaineder of the surface of the equipment


The equipment is now in it’s 4th year of successful operation with no reported problems. The goals of heat conservation and personnel protection were accomplished with this Temp Coat installation.