June 3, 2014

Chemical Rail Car


A large industrial chemical manufacturer requiring insulation repairĀ on a standard cylindrical rail car (160000 lbs. capacity)


The aging and failing insulation (original equipment) was no longer capable of maintaining (retaining cold temperatures) in the sub zero range required to ship the product from one manufacturing facility to another distant remanufacturing facility. The options available were to purchase new rail cars at a cost of >$500000 or to retire some of the existing rail cars, reducing production at the plant.


Temp Coat was applied at a thickness of 120 mils average over the complete rail car. An extensive test (shipping the rail car and monitoring temperatures of the product) was conducted and it was determined that the new Temp Coat insulation “saved” the existing rail cars.


The rail cars have been retained in service and are arriving at specification. There have been considerable savings as a result of new cars not being required and production has been maintained at desired levels.