June 3, 2014

Temp-Coat 101S

The Standard For Liquid Ceramic Insulation

Insulates and Protects
Conserves Energy
Curbs Condensation
Resists Flame Spread
Extends Equipment Life
Resists UV Degradation
Adheres To Most Surfaces

Temp-Coat is the oldest registered
name in latex ceramic insulation.

The Many Uses of Temp-Coat

Temp-Coat is a latex based ceramic barrier insulation. It is very lightweight and applied directly to the surface being insulated and protected. The power to insulate and protect is in the hollow ceramic spheres and their micro-porosity. For a higher degree of insulation, you simply apply more Temp-Coat. No other insulation can offer the value and features of Temp-Coat.

How Temp-Coat Works

Unlike mass insulations which restrict air flow, our product works by control and movement of the thermals within hollow ceramic beads in the product. The air in the beads forms a barrier against heat transfer using an emissive and diffusive process to contain and control temperatures.

The thickness of Temp-Coat needed for a job depends on the temperatures involved, and will vary depending on it’s use as a thermal coating, a thermal reflective coating, or the thickness of the product currently installed. As a roof top insulation, for example, a 15 to 20 mil coating is generally sufficient.

cloudsandsunTemp-Coat can be used to insulate between -8i0 F and +350 F. Specific application instructions apply.

Temp-Coat is designed for industrial, commercial and marine use. Temp-Coat can be applied to surfaces as hot as 350 F and as cool as +45 F.

Only a thin coating of Temp-Coat is needed to take the place of many inches of conventional insulation, which creates valuable space to inspect, service and maintain your critical plant and equipment surfaces.

Temp-Coat does not require jacketing, which saves time and money. Only a scraper, brush and replacement product are needed for easy repairs.

Saving Earth’s Energy

sprayphotoTemp-Coat offers superior insulating qualities plus protection against ultraviolet rays, wind, water, heat and cold for more efficient, longer asset life.

Since Temp-Coat adheres to the surface it insulates, it is an excellent form of metal protection and condensation control that cannot be achieved by conventional insulations.

Temp-Coat provides a surface that is easy to maintain and offers years of protection. Temp-Coat is the most cost-effective product for almost every insulating need.