June 3, 2014

The Foam System

foam-spray-2Southern Chem Industries has been providing quality products and services to the petrochemical and food processing industries for many years. The words “Quality” and “Service” are very important to us; in fact, they are the very cornerstone of our organization. We realize that you have a choice in the choosing of your cleaning services provider and we make every effort to satisfy the needs of your organization and give you the service you richly deserve. Whether your needs are measured in pails, drums, or bulk, Southern Chem has the products, equiptment and “know how” to do the job right.

The Foam System:

The principal of the foam system is the mixing of air and a specialized for the task detergent to create a thick blanket of foam that clings to a surface for longer dwell time, better penetration of soils and less cleaning time or downtime in the case of process equipment. The foam unit connects to plant air driving an air motor coupled to pump. This system is excellent for removal of light oils, rust stains from overhead surfaces and any number of soils in the food processing, refinery or general industries.