June 3, 2014

Mission and Vision


Our primary mission is to build value for our customers, our employees and the communities where we work.

We will work to earn exceptional loyalty from our customers by contributing to and then participating in their success. Our relationship with our customers will help to implement our vision and we will profit together from this relationship. This will become our shared and common vision with our customers.

We will strive to maintain the safest possible work environment at all times.

We will participate in the health of the communities we serve by helping to protect the environment, help to conserve precious natural resources and help our employees and our customers to optimize their products and processes.

We will produce and deliver high performance technology products that will significantly contribute to the success of our customers.

Philosophy –Vision

Our vision is for a cleaner, safer, healthy and energy use optimized workplace. We are going to try and influence these goals in every step we take together with our customers. We will make all of our efforts directed toward these goals.