June 3, 2014

Ultraflex 5000S Urethane System

ultraflex-2-1Ultraflex 5000S – Industrial grade polyurethane for the toughest jobs: pipe coating, tank coating, rust proofing. Marine uses include water tower rehabilitation and much more.

Superior Top Coat – A white urethane top coat designed to create a cleanable reflective surface that will stand up to ponding water and can be cleaned with detergent or soap and water. A great top coat for any roof surface.


• Safe and easy cold application . No torches, hot kettles required.

• Light weight. No glues, tapes, or heat guns required.

•Greatly reduced application time. Rapid cure system.

• Impervious in hottest conditions.


Ultraflex offers a surprising number of advantages over conventional roofing systems.

•Rapid, simple application slashes labor costs

•Great reliability. No seams to buckle or pull apart.

•No condensation problems.

•No caulking to break down or pull apart in weather related incidents.

In most cases the product is applied directly over the old roof material, thus eliminating or greatly reducing the need for tear-offs or expensive disposal fees.

•Impervious to ponding water. Seals and protects.

•Excellent for difficult access areas, ledges, and mechanical areas.

•Practical for all types of industrial, commercial, marine and residential endeavors.

•Self-flashing: effectively seals around pipe braces, roof penetrations, water towers, and roofs.

•90% solids allows for a one coat system reducing shrinkage and labor costs.

•Extremely UV stable.

•Excellent elongation at temperatures from –50° F 150° F (-41°C 63° C)

•Highly resistant to chemicals, corrosion and abrasion.

•Ultra-Flex urethane remains unaffected by a wide range of acids, alkyds, salts and other corrosives.

•Exceeds California regulatory requirements for VOC content.