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For the degassing of a tank or other vessels, we recommend to thoroughly water wash the tank with a dilute solution of Chem 6000 degassing cleaning chemical.

Chem 6000 is surface active and will penetrate hydrocarbon sludge deposits and lift out the hydrocarbon from the tank internal metal surfaces and supports. The chemical is designed to form a tight emulsion of hydrocarbon deposits, vapors and liquids with water and is stable for a minimum of three hours. The agitating force of the water solution hitting the hydrocarbon forms the emulsion. The appearance of this emulsion is usually milky white.

The emulsified hydrocarbon resulting from the wash process is carried out of the vessel via the water draw without evaporation. The emulsion layer breaks on its own in the API separator or in a separate holding tank. The hydrocarbon removed from the tank in the emulsion is recoverable. Chem 6000 remains with the hydrocarbon phase and is not deleterious to waste water disposal systems. It has been demonstrated in actual applications that this product is a superior internal cleaner for removing hydrocarbon deposits. Our experience has shown that large storage tanks can be made gas free in twelve to twenty-four hours utilizing this chemical.

SCI Chem 6100 Desludging


In some heavy oil processes, shutdown procedures are not adequate for the effective removal of carbon deposits. Often, the equipment must be entered and cleaned mechanically which is costly, time consuming and contains some risk to personnel.


SCI recommends Chem 6100, a specialty cleaning compound, be injected during the kero/lco flush procedure. The column used varies with the type of deposit, but the material is relatively inexpensive and has proven to be very effective. Our SCI advisor should work with the customer to ensure the shutdown procedure addresses the proper use of the chemical.

Product Information

Chem 6000 / 6100

Principal Uses: Tank or Tower Degassing/Cleaning chemical in refinery and Petrochemical plants.

Dosage: 0.5 2.0% of wash water volume (system and application dependent.)


  1. Promotes rapid emulsification of hydrocarbons in water.
  2. Helps absorb hydrocarbon vapors.
  3. Reduces downtime labor and water required for degassing.
  4. Contains a corrosion inhibitor.
  5. Provides rapid cleaning of hydrocarbon deposits in process equipment in degassing operations.
  6. Will absorb benzene vapors.

Chem 6000/6100 - Refinery (Any tower or tank)

Crude Storage Tanks
Product Storage Tanks
Atmospheric Towers
Vacuum Towers
Coker Fractionators
HDS Units
Duo Sol Units
Reforming Area (Any Vessel)
Isomerization Area (Any Vessel)
Alkylation Area (Any Vessel)
Solvent Refining Area (Any Vessel)
Light Ends Recovery Area (Any Vessel)
Heat Exchangers

Chem 6000/6100 - Petrochemical Plants (Any Tower or Tank)

Ethylene Units
Ethyl benzene Units
Clay Towers
Ethylene Quench Systems
Product Storage Tanks

Chem 6100- De-sludging

Use with the Kero/LCO Flush to remove carbon deposits prior to water wash and degassing steps, generally not required in clean, light hydrocarbon services.

Benefits Summary

  • The following benefits may be realized by applying the Chem 6000 degassing/cleaning program:
  • Rapid emulsification of hydrocarbon in water, dramatically increasing effectiveness.
  • Faster cleaning of residual hydrocarbon deposits in process vessels and equipment, minimizing downtime.
  • Increased oil recovery from the residual sludge in the vessel and reduced water disposal.
  • Reduced labor costs normally associated with final clean-up/degassing of tanks.
  • Helps to absorb hydrocarbon vapors and reduces the danger of an explosive and toxic atmosphere caused by the release of light hydrocarbons from sludge.
  • Faster repair and inspection of equipment and vessels, if necessary.

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